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The main reason that some people take opportunities when they arise, and others do not, is that some people are ready.

They have their Dips Business Plan ready and all they need to do is take advantage of the opportunities.

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Dips Business - Business Plan Writing

We have been supplying business plans for well over thirty years and moved our business onto the net thirteen years ago. During that period we have regularly found that whilst there is not a perfect Dips Business Plan, the miscalculations made by new business owners when creating their plan are as common as they have always been.

So why is our Dips Business Plan different?

Investors see thousands of plans a year; whether the market is good, bad or simply going along o.k.. Apart from an endorsement from a trustworthy source, a plan is the sole basis they have for determining whether or not to invite a business owner in for a chat.

With such a lot of opportunities, nearly all lenders merely concentrate on finding reasons to say no. They figure that able business owners would not make basic blunders in their business plan.

All mistakes count against you; therefore our Dips Business Plan is written to cut down the amount that you will otherwise have made.

Problem One - Value inflation

Terminology like "unmatched in the industry", "unique and time-limited opportunity", or "superb returns from a limited investment" - these were from actual business plans - are merely embellishments and trash.

Backers will review these matters for themselves and are not likely to be taken in.

Our Dips Business Plan will guarantee that you stick with the truth - the problem, your solution, the market size, how you will promote your products and services, and how you will differentiate them from your competitors - and in our business plans there is no hype!

Problem Two - Attempting to be everything to everybody

Many new businesses presume that more is better. They point out how their product or service can be utilized, in various, entirely different markets, or they devise a tangled suite of products and services that they will expensively market to a confused marketplace.

All investors look for a focused strategy, especially for very new companies; a linked, clear-cut, set of products and / or services that deal with troublesome problems in a niche, that will be promoted and sold through a clear marketing strategy and a proven method of delivery.

Whilst saying that, other products, applications, sectors, and distribution channels should not be discarded - rather, they could be utilized to augment and back-up well directed central strategies.

Our Dips Business Plan will make certain that you bring your companies strategies together with a strong, appealing core thread that will, without doubt, engage potential financial backers.

Problem Three - No marketing strategy.

Business plans that do not bother to describe the companies sales, marketing, and delivery strategy will create a costly chaos.

The basic questions that must be answered are: who will purchase it, why they will, and most importantly, how will you get it to consumers?

You must set out how your organization has already generated consumer interest, received orders, or better yet, made some actual sales - and set out how you will leverage this experience through a practical marketing strategy.

Problem Four - The organization has no rivals.

It does not really matter what you may think, you will undoubtedly have competitors. Maybe not a direct competitor - such as a company selling exactly the same products - but at least stand-ins. Fingers and thumbs could be substitutes for tableware. Texting can be a substitute for e-mail. A stent can be a substitute for a peripheral angioplasty.

Competitors, clearly stated, consist of everyone going after the same customers.

To say that your products have no competitors is easily the quickest way of making sure your plan is not even read, as investors will rapidly assume that you do not have a complete understanding of your market.

The "Competition" section of our Dips Business Plan supplies you with the opportunity to demonstrate your relative advantages as opposed to the direct and indirect competition, and, of course, the substitutes.

Having competitors is a very good thing. It tells investors that a market exists.

Problem Five - Too much content that will not appeal to anyone.

Financial backers are usually busy, and have very little time to study excessively long business plans. They also greatly prefer entrepreneurs who can demonstrate the aptitude to set out the essential aspects of a complicated idea with an economy of words.

An ideal executive summary is no more than 1-3 pages. An ideal Dips Business Plan should be 20-30 pages (and lenders prefer the lower end!).

You need to keep in mind that the basic purpose for creating a fund-raising business plan is to motivate a possible lender to pick up the phone and invite you to a meeting. It is not meant to explain every last feature of your organization.

Our Dips Business Plan will help you develop an executive summary, that you can utilize immediately.

Problem Six - Your plan is too technical

Plans - especially those created by business owners with scientific backgrounds - are frequently full of too much technical detail and scientific jargon.

Investors are curious about the technology only in how it:

  • resolves a genuinely big issue that someone will want to pay for;

  • is better than your competitions products and / or services;

  • can be secured by way of patents or alternative routes; and

  • will be implemented on a reasonable budget.

All of these subjects can be addressed without an extremely technical discussion of how your product works. The specific details can be reviewed by specialists during the due diligence process.

How do you make certain that the business plan remains uncomplicated? Our Dips Business Plan will show you.

Problem Seven - No risk analysis.

Investors are fundamentally interested in balancing risks against rewards. The things they want to know about are what are the innate risks in your company, and what have you done to mitigate these risks?

The key risks of any Dips Business include:

  • Market Risks: Will consumers purchase what your organization has to sell? Will your business have to cause a huge transformation in the way customers act?

  • Technology Risks: Can you provide what you advertise? As advertised and on time?

  • Operational Risks: What could break down in the everyday operations of your Dips Business? How could customer service slip up?

  • Management risks: Can you find and keep hold of the right employees? Can your employees actually pull this off? Are you prepared to step to one side and allow someone more suitable to supervise your business, if it is needed?

  • Legal risks: Is your companies intellectual property genuinely safeguarded? Is your business contravening somebody elses patents? If your solution starts having issues, can you limit your culpability?

This is, of course, just a partial list of risks.

Albeit you feel that the risks are unimportant, prospective lenders will perhaps feel differently unless you can demonstrate that you have given a great deal of thought to what may screw up, and have taken steps to reduce these risks. Our Dips Business Plan ensures that these important subjects are correctly addressed.

Problem Eight - The Clumsily Organized Dips Business Plan

Your Dips Business Plan should flow in a smooth, systemized way. Every part should follow logically on from the preceding part without requiring the reader to know something that is first written about further on in the plan.

How To Get A Successful Dips Business

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Dips Business - Business Plan Writing

Even though there is no single "perfect" business plan structure, our successful structure is as follows:

  • Executive Summary: A concise, readable, one or two page summary of all that follows in the Dips Business Plan. It acts as a stand-alone document, as most readers make their initial judgment based solely upon your executive summary.

  • Background: We outline the accepted background of any Dips Business with your likely set-up expenses prior to your organization starting to produce income.

  • Market Opportunity: We explain what your possible customers will be needing, and what they are willing to pay for your products.

  • Products or Services: Our Dips Business Plan details what your organization does, and how your solution addresses the market opportunity.

  • Market: We set out the market with appropriate, up-to-date, news, data and market information.

  • Competitive Analysis: We pinpoint the type of direct and indirect competition your organization will come up against, and help you to describe how your solution is better.

  • Strategies: We describe how your business will go to market, pricing your goods and / or services, how you will promote your Dips Business etc.

  • Milestones: We map out the checkpoints your company will need to put in place for the future.

  • Management: How to provide the basic facts about your Dips Business - where and when the company was incorporated, where it is based, and concise accounts of your management team.

Your Problem Solving Dips Business

Problems often come in a great deal of shapes and sizes:

  • My computer keeps breaking down;

  • Competition from online businesses is ruining us;

  • Existing treatments for my bad health are useless;

  • My accounts are so hard to produce.

Businesses and consumers pay out good money to make problems cease to be, and you are in business to make problems cease to be.

Problems, in this context, are a real opportunity. The bigger the problems, the more far-reaching the problems, and the better your products are at taking the edge off the problems, the greater your market potential.

Our Dips Business Plan puts your products and services securely in the context of the problem that your business is fixing.

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A Great Dips Business did not just happen - It was planned that way.

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