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The main reason that some people take opportunities when they arise, and others do not, is that some people are ready.

They have their Dips Business Plan ready and all they need to do is take advantage of the opportunities.

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Dips Business - Business Solution

Defining Your Dips Businesses Offering

  • Product: A product is “stuff”. Tradeable items (virtual or physical) that are created / manufactured and re-sold / exchanged for a fixed cost.

  • Service: A service is work done by a business for another party. We are, therefore, not talking about items that can change hands, but instead someone applying their knowledge, skill-set or physical power to a situation.

  • Solution: A solution is a combination of the above two, delivered with the express purpose of causing a positive business solution in accordance with a predetermined goal.

What is the difference between a product and a service? And where do solutions fit? Well, these definitions should help you clear that up. But, let us take a look at these in a bit more detail.


Whether it is software or hardware - it is stuff. Nothing is going to change that and no matter how hard a vendor tries to differentiate their product by calling it a solution, it will always be stuff. It will always be a product.

Stuff is a funny thing. It comes with features and benefits, but that does not make it a solution. It merely loads the product with potential.


Most products have latent potential that will require unlocking by means of specific knowledge, skills or experience. That thought brings us nicely onto “Services”. A service is work done by a Dips Business for another party.

Services can be delivered on their own, without products (such as, in the sharing of intellectual property by delivering a professional service), or they can be used to implement or support new technology products.

This does not necessarily constitute a solution.


Sell solutions, not products.

Everyone tries to make their product or service sound like a solution, by simply adding the word solution to its description. This is not the answer, and causes confusion.

For something to be considered a solution it must deliver a positive business outcome. A positive business outcome can only be calculated if it can be measured against a predetermined goal and some kind of baseline data.

Before you can determine the right solution for your clients you must first understand their challenges and devise a combination of products and services to address these, measure the results, and finally prove that your Dips Business has delivered an effective solution.

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Dips Business - Business Solution

Ways To Use Your Dips Business Plan

Your Dips Business Plan can assist you in monitoring your businesses performance and recognize a problem before it occurs.

Your Dips Business Plan is not a stagnant report; it is an evolving guidebook that you will utilize regularly during the life of your business.

By measuring plan projections against your actual results, you can understand your companies pressure points and the operational components that most affect earnings.

Keeping an eye on your business activity, as compared with the road map laid out in your Dips Business Plan, means you will have a better recognition of your Dips Businesses development and gives you a basis for improvement.

Monitor your Dips Businesses activity by:

  • Making sure that your venture has the right systems.

  • Ensuring that your company establishes and utilizes the appropriate assessments.

  • Making certain that your organization picks up useful info and feedback data.

  • Making sure that statistics and feedback data is valid and up-to-date.

  • Ensuring that stats and feedback data is applicable and is valuable.

Your Dips Business Plan can provide a structure for systemizing these areas:

Sales and Marketing

  • Track buyer purchases and their location.

  • Record advertising and promotional leads.

  • Set out market trends.


  • Track utilization.

  • Track new product development and delivery times.


  • Track performance.

  • Set out staffing numbers and retention rate.


  • Record monthly / annual expenditure.

  • Track margins and ratios.

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