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Cajun Restaurant - Logistics

Logistics is the integration and management of the product value chain from suppliers to the customer. It includes all aspects of the chain of production, including design, suppliers, financing, information, energy, transportation, distribution, and sales.

How it works (Example):

Logistics involves the integration of the production and delivery of a product or service in order to ensure efficient and effective management. Originally, logistics was used in the military to coordinate the delivery of soldiers and weapons to the right place at the right time. The critical nature of the place and timing in war required special integration and precision.

Logistics consists of identifying the steps in a production value chain, ensuring just in time (JIT) delivery of the inputs for an assembly process, coordinating the flow of information, and the scheduling of delivery. As the diagram shows, logistics manages the flow from supplier to customer in order to ensure that supply and product inventory is not accumulated or wasted. An efficient production and delivery process prevents the tying up or loss of valuable capital.

While logistics is a process used by many companies (made famous by Walmart, for example), it is used increasingly as a business model by various warehouse and distribution companies (such as UPS and Fedex).

Why it Matters:

Logistics manages the flow of supplies to match the needs of the Cajun Restaurant with the schedule of sales to customers. Logistics coordinates the flow of information, providing feedback about sales, financing when due, and the delivery of product from various suppliers. With the increase in global sources of suppliers as well as global consumer markets, the use of logistics to coordinate production and distribution is growing in importance.

How To Get A Successful Cajun Restaurant

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Cajun Restaurant - Logistics

Managing a Cajun Restaurant

  • Introduce your CV and a concise description about how your know-how will be used in the organization.

  • Give details of your management team and highlight their areas of expertise and what they will be doing in your new venture.

  • Briefly specify the type of individual you will be looking for and how many staff your business will be requiring.

  • Set out the introductory and ongoing coaching you need to be providing for your staff.

You must introduce all of the management teams CVs and a brief summary of any private or working connection you may have had with them; too many plans do not include these details and their exclusion will devalue the document. You must introduce details of any prior business success that you or your executive team have had. What is their experience? What are their strengths? Why are these pertinent to your small business?

Cajun Restaurant – Start-up Costs

You need to set out the start-up expenses that your new venture will have. This needs to be a list of your expenses before your small business starts establishing a positive cash-flow, incorporating:

  • Costs for professional fees, logo design, advertisements, site rental and refurbishments.

  • Start-up assets including money at the bank, initial stock, equipment, office furniture and communication systems.

  • Wages for the people that you will need to support you throughout the start-up phase including any taxes, benefits and any other costs.

It is vitally important that you estimate your disbursements as scrupulously as you can:

  • Do not underestimate your costs; miss something prior to opening and you could go bust before you even begin.

  • Be aware that opening a business and then producing revenues takes time; your start-up expenditure needs to cover all of this period.

  • You must cover your personal costs over this time; otherwise how will your own bills get paid?

  • When calculating ongoing expenditure remember to separate overheads, such as power and rentals, and flexible expenses such as marketing, commissions and processing costs.

  • Do not scrimp on trading expenses, distribution and customer service as unsatisfactory customer service will not bring repeat business.

  • You must be aware that people, especially staff, will need their wages when promised; they have their own bills to pay.

  • Remember that smaller amounts altogether, might easily become big amounts; ensure that you incorporate all of your expenditure, no matter how diminutive.

You must use your Cajun Restaurant Business Plan to:

  • Get the funding you will need for your organization by incorporating the appropriate financial projections.

  • Present your small business to buyers, suppliers and employees as well as other interested parties.

  • Supervise your new venture by keeping your business plan updated and a part of your normal activities.

  • Increase the value of your business by concentrating on attaining your goals.

Put down a complete listing of all the individuals and the likely lenders that you want to look at your Cajun Restaurant Business Plan. You should prioritize the listing and approach the people you have placed at the top to begin with but, prior to doing that, you should go through by what means you will present your plan, and therefore your organization, and meticulously prepare yourself for some troublesome questions and a good deal of cynicism.

You should understand that some people will not like what your business is looking to do, and many will merely not be impressed, regardless of what you show them! Show appreciation for their time and inquire if they know an investor who may be interested in your new venture - you might be amazed at how helpful they swiftly become.

Above all your Cajun Restaurant Business Plan presents you with something reliable to analyze your organizations improvement against.

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