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The main reason that some people take opportunities when they arise, and others do not, is that some people are ready.

They have their Dips Business Plan ready and all they need to do is take advantage of the opportunities.

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Dips Business - Plan Template

Your Dips Business Plan should be an orderly statement of your companies aims, the explanation as to why they are regarded as achievable and your plan for reaching those objectives. The three key things are:

The Executive Summary for your Dips Business that sets out:

  • Your new ventures objectives - description of the particular outcomes that you are seeking to produce.

  • Your mission statement - it needs to be a forceful message to motivate yourself and your employees towards a common objective.

  • The keys to success - what, particularly, makes your company unique and how you will reflect this in everything your new venture will be doing.

There is really no doubt that the executive summary is the most important part of your business plan. It must be lucid, crisply written and it must be compelling; its prime purpose is to make certain any potential partner would like to read the rest of your Dips Business Plan.

At this point, it does not really matter how wonderful and innovative your goods and services are, or how your budget clearly displays what a solid opportunity your small business presents, it is your executive summary that must prompt any curious third-party to read through the rest of your business plan.

The start-up expenses you should be predicting for your Dips Business

  • Generating your business plan forces you to begin reviewing your new venture, and the expenditure that will be involved, prior to your business beginning to generate income.

  • Every line of your business plan must be reviewed to figure out what, if any, expenditure it involves.

  • Underestimating the funds that you will require, before you start generating earnings, may wipe out your business prior to it even commencing.

  • If your small business is not able to deliver your merchandise when you launch, then you must not anticipate that disappointed potential clients will ever come back.

All Dips Businesses have expenditure before they start selling, such as legal fees, promotions, advertising, online setup fees, office furniture and the wages of any staff you will need to assist you in establishing your company, before you begin producing revenues.

The products and services that your small business will sell

  • How are the goods that your new venture will be providing, different from your competitors?

  • How are your products and services actually located in the market and what advantages do they particularly supply?

  • Put together some specifics about your model customer and how you will actually advertise your goods and services to them.

  • How will your potential buyers find your goods and services, and in what way will they be delivered?

Many businesses focus on creating clever advertising gimmicks but allocate little time determining who their optimum customers will actually be. If you take the time to figure out specifically who your business needs to be selling to, and the unique benefits that your merchandising will be providing, then you are much more likely to be achieving the earnings that you are looking for and your organization will become successful.

It is important that you are always considering new products and services, side-by-side with those you currently provide. By generating the opportunity for all of your clients to contact your organization with specifics about different products, you will find other goods and services that they might then be interested in buying from your business.

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Dips Business - Plan Template

Table of Contents

Executive summary

Company Overview

Mission Statement

History and Current Status

Markets and Products


Product or Service description


Market Comparison

Proprietary Rights

Stage of Development

Industry and Marketplace Analysis

Industry Analysis

Marketplace Analysis

Customer Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Marketing Strategy

Target Market Strategy

Product/Service Strategy

Pricing Strategy

Distribution Strategy

Advertising and Promotion Strategy

Sales Strategy

Marketing and Sales Forecasts


Operations Strategy

Scope of Operations

Ongoing Operations

Operating Expenses


Development Strategy

Development Timeline

Development Expenses


Company Organization

Management Team

Administrative Expenses

Summary of Financials

Financial Assumptions

Financial Forecasts

Capital Requirements

Financial Risks

Exit Strategies


Investment Requirements

Valuation of Business




Table of Appendices

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A Great Dips Business did not just happen - It was planned that way.

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