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The main reason that some people take opportunities when they arise, and others do not, is that some people are ready.

They have their Day Nursery Business Plan ready and all they need to do is take advantage of the opportunities.

Where can you find the right Day Nursery Business Plan?

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Day Nursery Business

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Day Nursery Business - Services

A successful Day Nursery Business is a profitable Day Nursery Business.

Generating profit is a straightforward and very do-able process...

Identify a great niche service and its target group.

In order to generate income, enough people must need and / or value your service and feel strongly that they will personally profit from the way your Day Nursery Business delivers it versus your competitors’ approach.

You also need to know whether your marketing efforts should be focused locally or globally (depending upon the narrowness or broadness and the nature of your niche).

The best way we can serve our clients is by knowing what's going on in their worlds. And the best way to find out what's going on in their worlds is to ask them open-ended questions—the kind of questions that get them talking.

Following are fifteen-open ended questions you can ask that will help you get the full picture of your clients' situations and needs. The questions are broken down into three groupings:

  • Rapport

  • Aspirations and Afflictions

  • Implications

Five Rapport Generation Questions:

Ask these questions to help you get to know your current or potential clients and establish an understanding of their current reality.

  • What's going on in your business these days?

  • If the Wall Street Journal were to write about what was going on in your industry (or your business) in the last few months, what would they say?

  • How has your business changed in the last few years?

  • What's it like doing your job these days?

  • Can you help me to understand what's happening in your world these days?

Five Questions to Uncover Aspiration and Afflictions:

Ask these questions to help you understand what afflictions (challenges) your client is facing, and what aspirations (goals) they have for their business.

  • What keeps you up at night? (An oldie, but goodie.)

  • In the best of all possible worlds, what do you think you could do with your business?

  • What's holding you back from reaching your revenue (or profit, or other) goals?

  • If there were no restrictions on you, what business difficulties would you erase? Can you tell me why you say that?

  • What does success look like for you and your business?

Five Questions to Uncover Implications of Solving (or Not Solving) Aspirations and Afflictions:

Ask these questions to help put a monetary value on solving your clients' afflictions or achieving their aspirations.

  • If you could overcome these challenges, what would happen to your company's financial situation?

  • If you were to make this happen, what would it mean to your career?

  • How would implementing these changes affect your ability to compete?

  • How do you think senior management would evaluate the success of this initiative?

  • If you don't solve (insert the particular challenge here), what kind of difficulties will you face going forward?

As you ask any open-ended questions, bear in mind that a most difficult task is not sounding too salesy when asking questions. While we've suggested wording here in this article, feel free to make the wording your own. Find your own voice when asking the questions.

Also, sometimes all you need is to ask one open-ended question and your client will share with you all the information you need to help them. Other times you may need to ask a few, but make sure you don't overdo it. You don't want to make your client feel as if he is on the witness stand.

One other tip: if your client answers a question but you want them to expand a bit more, ask them, “how so,” or “can you tell me a little more about that?” You'll be surprised at just how much you can learn, and the difference it will make in your ability to help your clients succeed.

How To Get A Successful Day Nursery Business

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One Thing You Can Do Right Now!

Day Nursery Business - Services

Can You Charge More For Your Services?

Under charging is chronic among professional service Day Nursery Business owners, particularly women. But how do you know for sure?

Here are six ways that will tell you, clear as day, if you can comfortably and easily charge more, starting now.

  1. You have no time to market because you're too busy serving clients - No ifs, ands, or buts, if you're busy then it's time to raise your fees. Be prepared to lose the bottom 10 percent of your clients, which is a good thing! Why? Because you'll make room for more profitable clients, and the marketing it takes to stake your claim as the expert you are! (I'll write more about this in an upcoming article soon).

  2. Your prospective clients compare you to someone else - If your clients are price shopping then you're positioned as a commodity. Yikes! That's the kiss of death for creating more money, time, and freedom in your business. Do not hesitate-raise your rates right now! Then get busy focusing your almost-client conversations on value, not price.

  3. You haven't raised your rates in more than six months - Old rates means old thinking. Raise them now, and notice how you instantly step up into the kind of person who knows she's worth it!

  4. You're hearing 'no' from prospective clients - At first blush, this may sound like a clue to decrease your fees but the opposite is true. Why? If you're hearing 'no' then something is out of whack. You're either marketing to the wrong type of client or focused on features and process instead of results and value.

  5. You're hearing 'yes' from practically every prospective client - Hearing 'yes' more from more than 80 percent of your almost-clients means you're a bargain and they know it. Now, I don't know about you but I would much prefer to take advantage of a bargain, not be the bargain being taken advantage of! Unless being a low-priced service fits with your brand, you know what to do-raise 'em!

  6. You know in your gut your rates aren't where they should be - Trust your intuition. See those fees you know in your gut are too low? Raise 'em! You'll never know if your price is too high until you test it. One thing we can guarantee is that when you do, you'll instantly edge yourself into new thinking and believing in yourself!

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