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The main reason that some people take opportunities when they arise, and others do not, is that some people are ready.

They have their Cajun Restaurant Business Plan ready and all they need to do is take advantage of the opportunities.

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Cajun Restaurant

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Cajun Restaurant

Cajun Restaurant - Tumblr

Tumblr allows Cajun Restaurant businesses to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users' blogs. Bloggers can also make their blogs private.

Tumblr hosts over 320.5 million blogs and has 555 million monthly visitors.

Tumblr is the best place for creators to find an audience for their content as tere are over 200 million blogs publishing 80 million posts per day.

The dashboard makes it easy for people to discover and share your content and 70% of Tumblr users say the Dashboard is their favorite place to spend time online.

Brands are welcome as creators themselves with content users want to see and Tumblr is ranked #1 in social sentiment towards brands.

How To Create Static Pages

Static pages can give your readers more in-depth information about your Cajun Restaurant than what you can fit on the sidebar (if you have one). These pages can be useful whether you use Tumblr for pro blogging or just to share your favorite links or images with potential customers.

  • On the Customize page, click the Pages tab, then click Add a Page.

  • Create a short but descriptive URL for your page; for example:

  • Choose a page type from the dropdown; Standard Layout will use your current Tumblr template, Custom Layout allows you to enter your own HTML for the entire page including layout and body text.

  • Using the Standard Layout, enter a Page Title, then the body of the page. A simple WYSIWYG editor allows for some formatting, images, and links.

  • Check the box next to Show a link to this page if you want the link on your sidebar.

  • Click Create Page.

How To Get A Successful Cajun Restaurant

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Cajun Restaurant - Tumblr

A large segment of Tumblr users use the site as a creative outlet for their artwork and writing. Recognizing that, independent publisher Chronicle Books partnered with Tumblr to run a contest that asked users to submit their ideas for humorous books.

The contest offered Tumblr fans something they would consider extremely valuable: a contract to have their idea turned into a published book. The grand prize also included free books, but the true draw was the possibility of being published by a fairly established publishing house.

Giveaways may be a dime a dozen on social media, but giving young creatives the chance to have their work publicly recognized reinforced Chronicle’s commitment to quality writing.

Offer Tumblr users an opportunity too irresistible to ignore.

PBS maintains a dedicated Tumblr to promote their food website and frequently shares links with the intention of driving traffic.

Since links alone get the least amount of engagement and virality on Tumblr, PBS creates fun GIFs and images that tie in with the articles they want to publicize. Their posts are primarily visual and have an element of humor or entertainment so as not to seem too pushy.

People are more likely to reblog content if it’s entertaining. For instance, the popular post above paired a funny animated GIF of Cookie Monster with a link back to a chocolate chip cookie recipe on the PBS food website.

Apple typically eschews social media save for Twitter and Facebook, so their decision to launch a Tumblr dedicated to the iPhone 5c is notable in and of itself.

The marketers behind Coca-Cola know how to make a brand engaging, and they showcase that talent especially well on Tumblr. The vast majority of their content is visual, and like Denny’s, they play to popular memes.

For instance, throwback Thursday (#tbt) is a natural fit for a company with such a rich history. Coca-Cola frequently creates posts related to the weekly meme that centers around their historic ads.

The throwback posts are always paired with unmistakably modern, cheeky commentary, making the posts a smash hit with Tumblr’s young demographic. The image below was captioned “Hey, turn that frown upside down! Or take off your frown mask. That works, too.”

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A Great Cajun Restaurant did not just happen - It was planned that way.

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