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The main reason that some people take opportunities when they arise, and others do not, is that some people are ready.

They have their Day Nursery Business Plan ready and all they need to do is take advantage of the opportunities.

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Day Nursery Business - Twitter

Twitter humbly asks, “What are you doing?” Perhaps the more appropriate question for Twitter to ask would be, “What interests you?” Try thinking in this context as you begin marketing yourself or your Day Nursery Business through Twitter.

Tweeting is like having a conversation.

Imagine yourself at a conference or a business-networking event. If a perfect stranger came up to you and blurted out, “I’m eating the empanada hors d’oeuvres right now,” you would probably look oddly at this person, give them an awkward smile, and move swiftly on your way. On the other hand, if a different person came up and said, “I found the information provided by the last speaker very valuable for my business. How about you?” you’d probably be more interested in what this person had to say, and more inclined to respond yes or no. That’s how you should treat every Twitter interaction. The most successful people and brands using Twitter are the ones who treat Twitter as an ongoing, open, and thought-provoking conversation rather than just a broadcast medium. These users are knowledgeable about their business, responsive to feedback, and respectful of the community.

Sometimes explaining Twitter in the context of what it’s not helps to clarify things.

  • Twitter isn’t accessible only on the Web. Twitter users can communicate via cell phone, mobile devices, or desktop applications.

  • Twitter isn’t the “new” email or cell phone. Twitter’s 140-character limitation is just that— limiting. For rapid-fire, short communications, Twitter is useful. However, email and telephones can still do a lot more than Twitter can. Twitter is just another tool in the digital communicator’s toolkit.

  • Twitter isn’t a form of instant messenger. A lthough it’s true that Twitter shares many of the same characteristics as instant messaging or chat applications, the two operate using different technology, offer different functionality, and serve different purposes.

  • Twitter isn’t a micro version of your blog. A lthough many users exploit Twitter to tease and link to every new blog post, using Twitter only in this manner is considered poor practice. Your tweets should be varied, with original content. Otherwise, why would anyone else want to read them?

  • Twitter isn’t private by any means. Unless you lock them down, be prepared for your tweets to be read, responded to, and possibly forwarded (retweeted) by perfect strangers. It’s almost pointless to be on Twitter and lock down your tweets unless you never want to be engaged by the greater community—the Twitterverse. This piece of advice, however, does not apply to direct messages, which are private.

  • Twitter isn’t a replacement for Facebook, MySpace, or other social networks. Rather, Twitter can be a complement to social networks, as well as a different, albeit powerful, standalone tool.

  • Twitter isn’t a competition. Having more followers does not equal having more authority, influence, or expertise. As you’ll learn soon, many different types of people with different agendas are using Twitter to seek different types of personal gain. Don’t get sucked into making Twitter a popularity contest.

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Day Nursery Business - Twitter

The Top 10 Ways To Use Twitter for Marketing your Day Nursery Business:

  • Use it to promote new pieces of content you or your Day Nursery Business create to drive traffic to your site. From online articles to blog posts or from videos to webinars, each time you add something to the Web that is of value, tweet about it and include a link. (Most people on Twitter use to take a long URL and make it short.)

  • Use it for learning new marketing ideas, strategies and techniques. If you follow the right people, and you have to be picky about who you follow, you'll get pointed to a good amount of useful tutorials, videos, e-zines and other things that teach you about marketing.

  • Use it to get new customers. Use Twitter's search to find people who may be interested in your Day Nursery Business. There are many ingenious ways to search for people on Twitter. For example, if you sell red widgets you could go to and find people who have tweeted specifically looking for red widgets. To do this, type the following into the search box: red widgets? You'll notice a lot of the results will be of others selling red widgets. These ones will all obviously have links in them to direct people to the site they're selling red widgets on. To weed these people/tweets out, use the negative sign like this: -http red widgets? Since every link has 'http' in it, using the negative sign in front of it will cause your search results to not include any tweets with links in them.

  • Use it to build your email list. Use Twitter's search to find people who may be interested in the monthly newsletter you send out to your opt-in house email list. Invite these people to join.

  • Utilize Twitter plugins or add-ons such as TweetMyBlog or The Twitter Updater, which both automatically make tweets of every new blog post you publish. Also check out TwitThis. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the Web page and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then visitors can send this shortened URL and a description of the web page to all of their followers on Twitter. Finally, look at TweetLater, a service that allows you to write lots of tweets at once and then schedule them to go out over time.

  • Use it to build buzz about an upcoming product or website launch.

  • Use it to better brand yourself or your Day Nursery Business. Remember, when someone wants to learn more about you or your company, they are increasingly using sites like Twitter for research. You could easily use Twitter to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

  • Use it to update followers on breaking news regarding your Day Nursery Business. If your company is mentioned in a new article, tweet about it and include a link to the article. Or if you're at a conference or trade show, you could tweet what you're doing and invite people to visit you in person.

  • Use it for business networking, master-mind groups (see Napoleon Hill), and getting yourself seen by high-profile people in your industry.

  • Use it as an instant messaging system to keep your and your team on the same page during projects. This is especially useful for those who work with teams spread out in different cities or countries.

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