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The main reason that some people take opportunities when they arise, and others do not, is that some people are ready.

They have their Chemist Business Plan ready and all they need to do is take advantage of the opportunities.

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Chemist Business - Whatsapp

Mobile messaging service WhatsApp is now said to be used by a billion people monthly, but it is not just a conduit for social chat and event planning. WhatsApp and similar applications make it possible for Chemist businesses to reach the far-flung corners of the globe where other media are often blocked.

If your Chemist Business does not already use WhatsApp, it probably soon will. A few months ago, WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, went past its billionth user, and it will get bigger (“We still have another 6 billion people to get on WhatsApp,” the company wrote in a blogpost). Last year, it delivered more messages than traditional SMS text messages.

Since 2010, it has been possible to make voice calls from WhatsApp, which could, predict some tech watchers, spell the end of mobile networks such as Vodafone or O2. It probably will not be long until we can use video calling on it, too; but for now it remains primarily a texting service, only better.

Messages are sent over the internet and it is efficient and easy to use. You can message one-on-one, or set up a group in your phone contacts list – family, say, or friends.

Or, of course, customers and potential customers for your Chemist Business.

Users say it has revolutionised communication; you can say things you wouldn’t necessarily dare to on a public platform such as Twitter and you can keep in touch with people in an easy, more informal way, especially if you don’t particularly want indepth one-to-one conversations. Groups spread across the world can instantly message each other without the hassle of email, because most people are attached to their phones.

However there are downsides, too – an infuriatingly chatty group, or the way your phone instantly saves photographs you are sent, which means you end up with thousands of pictures of mildly amusing memes and not-safe-for-work photos from people you have met on Tinder. Worst of all are the app’s two blue ticks that tell you your message has been read and you have not received a reply!

Is it worse to know you are being ignored, or to know you can never ignore other people in the same way again? (Although you can change all these things, once you have worked out the settings.)

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Chemist Business - Whatsapp

Every content marketer has been there. You publish a post you think will make waves… and it just sits there, gathering internet dust.

There’s a reason why we call it “going viral” - it’s because there’s often very little control over it. The one thing we do have control over, however, is creating the conditions necessary for the virus to grow.

That’s why it’s important to constantly keep up with the way that people view and share content and there is no denying that, for any Chemist Business, the biggest player in digital chatter right now is instant messaging app, WhatsApp.

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